piano and projections, 60 minutes

in collaboration with Lara Jones: piano and composition

first performance: 20th May 2019

flow (2018)

audiovisual installation, repeating 70 minute generative framework

based on internet traffic data provided by Bytemark

presented at the PHP Yorkshire conference, 18th of April 2018


Tell one forget one (2017)

for mezzo-soprano, piano and electronics, 21 minutes

an arrangement of Canto IV by Kevin Jones

first performance: Lisa Coates (voice), Nicole Johnson (piano), Desmond Clarke (electronics), Tête à Tête Opera Festival, London, August 2017



for double bass, electronics and voice, 10 minutes

devised in collaboration with Bethan Vincent

first performance: Bethan Vincent (voice), Desmond Clarke (double bass, electronics), York, June 2017


RECORDARI (2016-17)

for modified alto recorder, three archaic recorders and live electronics, 22 minutes

written in collaboration with Carmen Troncoso

first performance: Carmen Troncoso (recorders), Desmond Clarke (electronics), York, March 2017


O S C ~ @YSFNM (2016)

7-hour improvised megastructure

in collaboration with Leo Birtwhistle, James Whittle, Gaia Blandina and Barrington Brook

presented at the York Spring Festival of New Music, May 2016

Listen Here (SoundCloud)


In.Can.Obert Messina (2015)

50-minute devised performance

in collaboration with Gaia Blandina, Adam Bonser, Twm Dylan, Omar Peracha, Will Ozard and Andrea Mancianti

presented at the Torre Degli Inglesi Contemporary Art Space, Messina, September 2015


The Author's Effects (2015)

audiovisual installation, 15 minute loop

in collaboration with Leo Birtwhistle and Nicola Watson, supported by the Open University

presented at the Festival of Ideas, York, June 2015


WHERE AM I (2014)

for fixed media and contemporary dancers, 30 minutes

in collaboration with Shelley Haden

presented in a temporary performance space, Leeds, May 2014


Swan Lake (2014)

for oboe, fixed media and contemporary dancers 15, minutes

in collaboration with Maud Brambach (choreographer)

presented at the White Cloth Gallery, Leeds, February 2014


anomalous structures of my dreams (2013)

6-hour improvised megastructure

in collaboration with Leo Birtwhistle and Max Hampshire

presented at the CeReNeM Extended Durations Symposium, the University of Huddersfield, September 2013


The Ball Pit (2013)

for speaking dancers, fixed media and improvising violinist, 20 minutes

developed with and performed by students from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Leeds, May 2013


Cybernetic Forest (2012)

24-hour improvised megastructure

in collaboration with Azlee Babar, Leo Birtwistle, Max Hampshire and Teresa Winter

presented at the Rymer Auditorium, York, October 2012